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Introducing 10+ Employees

  • What is 10+ Employees?

    If your business has 10+ employees, Aladdinprintphil for Business could be your next step. Why not get in touch?

    Aladdinprintphil for Business -

    Aladdinprintphil for Business is internet based service, allowing you or your branches to order an item such as a business card from internet connection at anytime. Instant online proofing ensures that what you see is what you get. Aladdinprintphil for Business is extreamly fast and easy to use.

  • Benefits

    3 steps to go
    - Send us your pre-designed business card and we will create a custom template.
    - Edit and order your cards whenever you need.
    - We will print them and deliver right on time.

    Everyone can create professional looking print materials
    - No design skills needed, only thing you've got to do is choose the designs and edit the contents, that is it.

    Smart Cloud-based service
    - If you have in an internet connection and any devices that has a web browser, you can order your products anywhere and anytime.

    Ordering is one minutes and reordering is 10 seconds
    - You can spend time doing more important things.

    Convenient discount
    - You will get a discount on all futures orders, which means you save money and time.

    Dedicated Sale Manager
    - Your own dedicated manager is committed to ensuring your items come out just perfectly.

  • Features

    Smart Editor
    - In just 3 steps your document is ready to print(Certified PDF). Choose your template. Edit text. A final check and your file can be directly sent off to our printing server. As easy as that.

    You can control all communications material in one channel
    - All communication material you want to print on a regular basis in advertisements, flyers, brochures, business cards, leaflets, invitations, cups.

    Custom URLs
    - Your smart printing service platform is hosted on Aladdinprintphil's Cloud servers, but we will be issuing your custom URLs.

    Reliable, safe and a scalable server-environment
    - You don't need to install or download additional software. Aladdinprintphil automates updates, back-ups and security measures. So you can focus on the content of your print media.

  • Demo

    Click on the button(demo start).
    You will be able to access the demo version of Aladdinprintphil for Business immediately.